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    2. Coverage
    Journal of Isotopes is characterized by equal emphasis on innovation and practicality, combined with improvement and popularization,mainly publishing isotope preparation methods; isotope separation and analysis techniques; isotope coordination (labeling) chemistry; isotope behavior chemistry, including in the environment, biology, plants, Soil, and technical research in extreme conditions; isotope metrology and standards, and theoretical simulations; radioactive waste disposal technology, as well as creative and practical new results, new technologies, and other aspects of the behavior and materials involved in the disposal process  The new experience seeks to fully reflect the development of isotope technology and the theory and practice of its application in various fields of the national economy.

    3. Academic Moral Requirements
    The submission must be an original paper that has not been published in public, without plagiarism, forgery and multiple submissions. The topic and content should be innovative to a certain extent. If you quote the work of others, please specify the name of the original author, the title of the work and its source according to the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law, and list them in the references at the end of the article.
    The journal uses the Scientific journals Misconduct Documentation Detection System (AMLC) provided by CNKI to screen submissions and will investigate any issues raised by the system. If it is found that there is any academic misconduct, the journal will reject the paper and will not accept any articles from the author for 3 years.

    4. Signature and Copyright
    The paper should list the names of all authors, and those who contribute to the research work but do not meet the requirements of the collaborators can be listed in the acknowledgements.
    After acceptance of the manuscript, the author should sign a "Copyright Transfer Agreement" with the editorial department, and transfer the copyright to Journal of Isotopes. The editorial Department owns the copyright, but has the right to use the paper according to the creative sharing license (CC BY-NC-ND) adopted by the journal.
    According to the Provisions of the "Copyright Law", before the publication of the paper, the editor can process the text, modify, delete, if necessary, can modify the content, if the author does not agree with the above treatment of the paper, should declare in the submission.
    We use a Creative Commons license that allows third-party users to share BY attribution, non-commercial use, No Deduction (ND)(CC BY-NC-ND). The third party is allowed to copy, distribute, exhibit, perform, show, broadcast or disseminate the articles published by the journal to the public through information network, but the author's signature must be retained in these processes, only for non-commercial purposes, and deductive creation shall not be allowed. For details, please visit

    5. Writing Standard
    Please refer to the "Submit the Template" in the "Download" on the home of the website.

    6. Review Procedure
    Strictly implement the "Three examination system", that is, editor, expert and chief editor. Please refer to the "Review Process" of the "Download ".

    7. Expenses
    After the manuscript is accepted, the author will be charged the page.The fee is RMB200 per page. No other fees will be charged.
    The journal will pay the author's remuneration and give the author 2 copies of the current issue of "Journal of Isotopes".  This journal has been included in "Chinese Academic Journals (CD-ROM Version)", "Founder Apabi Electronic Journal", "Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database", "Shusheng Digital Journal" and "Wanfang Data-Digital Journal Group", which is paid by this journal.  The author's remuneration includes the above 5 remunerations.
    8. About Open Access
    The PDF of all papers published in this journal can be downloaded from our website ( Open access is implemented immediately after publication, and self storage is encouraged. The basic licensing method is CC-BY-ND. For details, please refer to the "Open Access Policy" in the "Download ".

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