About Journal

  • 1.Basic Information
    "Journal of Isotopes" is sponsored by the Isotope Branch of the Chinese Nuclear Society and undertaken by the China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE). It is a core journal of Chinese science and technology, and is publicly issued at home and abroad.
    2.Purpose of the publication
    The journal is characterized by equal emphasis on innovation and practicality, combined with improvement and popularization, mainly publishing isotope preparation methods; isotope separation and analysis techniques; isotope coordination (labeling) chemistry; isotope behavior chemistry, including in the environment, biology, plants,  Soil, and technical research in extreme conditions; isotope metrology and standards, and theoretical simulations; radioactive waste disposal technology, as well as creative and practical new results, new technologies, and other aspects of the behavior and materials involved in the disposal process  The new experience seeks to fully reflect the development of isotope technology and the theory and practice of its application in various fields of the national economy.  It aims to promote the academic exchange of isotope and radiation technology at home and abroad, publicize its economic and social benefits, and promote the application of isotope technology in all aspects of national economic construction.  Involved in the distinctive fields: the development of isotopes and their preparations; the research of isotope detection technology for petroleum deposits; the development of industrial isotope instruments and meters; the isotope technology for environmental protection; the use of isotope technology in radiation breeding, soil testing, etc; the research and application of medical nuclides in basic medicine and clinical medicine.
    3.The hired database
    Currently included in domestic and foreign databases are as follows: CA Chemical Abstracts (US), JST Japan Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology Database (Japanese), Swedish University DOAJ Open Access Database, "Chinese Biology Abstracts", "Chinese Academic Journals (CD-ROM Version)"  , "Founder Apabi Electronic Journal", "Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database" (Core Edition) Statistical Source Journals, "CEPS Chinese Electronic Journal Service", "Shusheng Digital Journal", "Wanfang Data-Digital Journal Group", EuroPub Database open  Access to the platform included; 1992 (first edition), 2004 editions of Peking University "A Guide to core journals of China” source journals.  
    Journal honors: Caj-cd standard award-winning journals, third prize of national defense outstanding journals.

    Brief Introduction of China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)
    China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE), originating from The Institute of Modern Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1950. CIAE is the cradle of nuclear science and technology in China, and also a comprehensive R&D base which is in a leading, fundamental and forward looking position in nuclear field. Seven of the 23 great medalists of "Two Bombs and One Satellite" Distinguished Achievements once worked at CIAE. More than 60 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering once worked at CIAE. More than 10 important domestic institutions and factories in the nuclear field were derived from CIAE. It now has a total staff of 3000, including 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Fangding, Wang Naiyan, Zhang Huanqiao, Ruan Keqiang,Xu mi, over 140 Ph.D tutors and 180 Master tutors, about 1000 senior researchers and engineers. Famous scientists including Wu Youxun, Qiam Sanqiang, Wang Ganchang, Dai Chuanzeng, Sun Zuxun, Fan Mingwu and Zhao Zhixiang were appointed the president of CIAE successively. The current president of CIAE is senior research fellow Xue xiaogang.
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