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Research on Interpretation Method of C/O Energy Spectrum Logging Under the Condition of Complex String

ZHOU Liang-wen1;MA Huan-ying1;ZHANG Feng2;HAN Zhong-yue2;LI Ji-ling1;ZHANG Hong-yang1   

  1. 1.China Oilfield Services Limited, Yanjiao 065201, China;2.School of Geosciences China University of Petroleum, Qingdao 266580, China
  • Published:2017-01-09



  1. 1.中海油田服务股份有限公司 油田技术事业部,河北 燕郊065201;2.中国石油大学(华东) 地学院,山东 青岛266580


Pulse neutron logging plays an important role in monitoring residual oil in the oil field development. The composition and structure of strings are complex in the offshore oil field, and then the C/O value is different owing to the difference fluid volume in the well, so there are influence on determining residual oil saturation. The model of different pipe string, porosity and formation fluid, etc., was established byusing Monte Carlo method,then the inelastic scattering gamma ray spectra under the condition of different string were simulated, and the responses of the C/O values to the porosity and fluid saturation were studied. At last, we obtained the residual oil saturation interpretation model under different pipe string, and the results were credible by processing data of two wells. The result provides technical support for monitoring remaining oil saturation in offshore oil field.

Key words: pulsed neutron logging, complex pipe string, residual oil saturation, Monte Carlo simulation



关键词: 脉冲中子测井, 复杂管柱, 剩余油饱和度, 蒙特卡罗模拟