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Centrifugal Separation of Carbon and Chlorine Isotopes Using Freon-11 as Processing Gas

PEI Gen;ZHOU Ming-sheng;JIANG Dong-jun   

  1. Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
  • Published:2017-01-09



  1. 清华大学 工程物理系,北京100084


In order to explore the effective ways for high-abundance carbon and chlorine isotopes production, a method to acquire high-abundance carbon-12 and chlorine-35 isotopes simultaneously was presented by gas centrifugation process using Freon-11 as processing gas. Carbon and chlorine isotopes were separated by single centrifugal experiment of domestic centrifuge. A proper mass spectrometric method was proposed to analyze the separation performance. Theoretical calculation on cascades for producing high-abundance carbon-12 and chlorine-35 isotopes was applied. The results showed that using a 24-stage square cascade, with the 3rd stage as feeding stage and reflux at both ends, carbon-12 and chlorine-35 isotopes of an abundance of above 99% could be acquired simultaneously. The experimental study and theoretical calculation provided evidence for the production of high-abundance carbon-12 and chlorine-35 isotopes. In theory, the method could also be applied to the production of high-abundance carbon-13 and chlorine-37 isotopes.

Key words: gas centrifugation process, Freon-11, carbon isotopes, chlorine isotopes



关键词: 气体离心法, 氟利昂-11, 碳同位素, 氯同位素