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Research Progress of Radiopharmaceuticals for Progesterone Receptor Targeted Breast Cancer Imaging

WU Xiao-wei1,2;ZHANG Xian-zhong1   

  1. 1.Center for Molecular Imaging and Translational Medicine, State Key Laboratory of Molecular Vaccinology and Molecular Diagnostics, School of Public Health, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361102, China;2.Nuclear Medicine Department, Taian City Central Hospital, Taian 271000, China
  • Online:2017-02-20 Published:2017-03-06



  1. 1.厦门大学 公共卫生学院 分子影像暨转化医学研究中心 分子疫苗学和分子诊断学国家重点实验室,厦门361102;2.山东省泰安市中心医院核医学科,泰安271000


Presently, several molecular imaging techniques including nuclear medicine imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, optical imaging and ultrasonic technology have been extensively used in clinic. Compared with other imaging techniques, nuclear medical imaging can not only display the metabolic, functional and morphological information of living subject, but also has the advantages of high sensitivity, quantitative research, and detecting lesions at earlier time. In this review, the recent progress of radiopharmaceuticals in the diagnosis of breast cancer by targeting to progesterone receptor was reviewed from the aspects of the single photon emission tomography and positron imaging agent.

Key words: breast cancer, progesterone receptor, single photon, positron, imaging agent



关键词: 乳腺癌, 孕激素受体, 单光子, 正电子, 显像剂