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Production Situation and Technology Prospect of Medical Isotopes

GAO Feng;LIN Li;LIU Yu-hao;MA Xing-jun   

  1. Nuclear Power Institute of China, Chengdu 610041, China
  • Online:2016-05-20 Published:2016-06-03



  1. 中国核动力研究设计院,四川 成都610041


The isotope production technology was overviewed, including traditional and newest technology. The current situation of medical isotope production was introduced. The problems faced by isotope supply and demand were analyzed. The future development trend of medical isotopes and technology prospect were put forward. As the most populous country, nuclear medicine develops rapidly, however, domestic isotope mainly relies on imports. The highly productive and relatively safe MIPR is expected to be an effective way to breakthrough the bottleneck of the development of nuclear medicine. Traditional isotope production technologies with reactor can be improved. It's urgent to research and promote new isotope production technologies with reactor. Those technologies which do not depend on reactor will have a bright market prospects.

Key words: medical isotopes, reactor, accelerator, nuclide generator



关键词: 医用同位素, 反应堆, 加速器, 核素发生器