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Study on a New Label Dosimeter for Radiation Processing

CAI Zhan-fan;CHEN Yi-zhen;YE Hong-sheng;LIN Min;XIA Wen;CHEN Ke-sheng;XU Li-jun   

  1. National Key Laboratory for Metrology and Calibration Techniques, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China
  • Online:2016-02-20 Published:2016-03-01



  1. 中国原子能科学研究院 计量与校准技术重点实验室,北京102413


In order to monitor the absorbed dose of goods in 60Co γ-rays and electron beams, a new label dosimeter had been developed for dose measurements. The label dosimeter had a multilayer structure, and the core of which was a layer of radiochromic film. The radiochromic film contained acid-sensitive dye and halogen compound in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA),and the dosimetry of the film dosimeter was studied, the result showed that the dosimeter was satisfied for daily radiation business.

Key words: label dosimeter, radiochromic film, dose, radiation processing


为了有效监测60Co γ射线及电子束参考辐射场中被照产品所受的吸收剂量,本工作研制了一种标签剂量计,用于辐射加工中吸收剂量的快速、简单测量。标签剂量计具有多层复合结构,核心部分是一层辐射变色薄膜,主要成分为聚乙烯醇、酸敏染料和卤素化合物。对该辐射变色薄膜剂量计的剂量学性能进行了分析研究,结果表明,该薄膜剂量计可以满足日常辐照监测的需要。

关键词: 标签剂量计, 辐射变色薄膜, 吸收剂量, 辐射加工