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The Semi-automatic Synthesis of 18F-fluoroethyl-choline by Domestic FDG Synthesizer

ZHOU Ming1;ZHANG Xiao-jun2;LIU Jian2;LI Yun-gang2;ZHANG Jin-ming2   

  1. 1.PET Center, Department of Nuclear Medicine, XiangYa Hospital, Central South University , Changsha 410008, China;2.Department of Nuclear Medicine, the PLA General Hospital, Beijing 100853, China
  • Online:2016-02-20 Published:2016-03-01



  1. 1.中南大学湘雅医院 PET中心,湖南 长沙410008;2.中国人民解放军总医院 核医学科,北京100853


As an important complementary imaging agent for 18F-FDG, 18F-fluoroethyl-choline (18F-FECH) has been demonstrated to be promising in brain and prostate cancer imaging. By using domestic PET-FDG-TI-I CPCU synthesizer,  18F-FECH was synthesized by different  reagents and consumable supplies. The C18 column was added before the product collection bottle to remove K2.2.2. The 18F-FECH was synthesized by PET-FDG-IT-I synthesizer efficiently about 30 minutes by radiochemical yield of 42.0% (no decay corrected, n=5), and the radiochemical purity was still more than 99.0% after 6 hours. The results showed  the domestic PET-FDG-IT-I synthesizer could semi-automatically synthesize injectable 18F-FECH in high efficiency and radiochemical purity.

Key words: 18F-fluoroethyl-choline (18F-FECH), PET, imaging agent


18F-氟乙基胆碱(18F-FECH)是18F-FDG的重要补充,在脑瘤转移和前列腺癌及转移的诊断方面有重要的应用价值。利用国产单次PET-FDG-TI-I CPCU型FDG合成模块,未改变硬件,通过更改试剂与耗材,半自动合成18F-FECH,并在产品收集瓶前增加C18纯化柱,减少K2.2.2杂质的含量。合成时间约30 min,放化产率42.0% (未时间校正,n=5),放置6 h后放化纯度>99.0%,体外稳定性良好;合成时间和产率与国内外模块结果相近。结果表明,在国产单次PET-FDG-TI-I CPCU型FDG模块上可半自动合成18F-FECH,合成效率及放化纯度较高。

关键词: 18F-氟乙基胆碱(18F-FECH), PET, 显像剂