Journal of Isotopes ›› 2022, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (5): 376-381.DOI: 10.7538/tws.2021.youxian.070

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Radiation Information Process and Implement in a 60Co Dual-projection Digital Radiography System

GUO Xiaojing;CONG Peng;CHEN Liu;SUN Yuewen   

  1. Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China;Beijing Key Laboratory of Nuclear Detection & Measurement Technology, Beijing 100084, China
  • Online:2022-10-20 Published:2022-10-20



  1. 清华大学 核能与新能源技术研究院,北京100084;核检测技术北京市重点实验室,北京100084

Abstract: The Tsinghua University successfully invented a dual-projection digital radiography system, which adopts two 60Co radiation sources aiming at two patented high-pressure gas chamber array detectors respectively. The system can obtain both vertical and horizontal projections from one scan, providing more information for image examination. Comparing with traditional single-projection system, the dual-projection system adopts two 60Co radiation sources that are deployed on the side and at the bottom respectively, but the adoption of two radiation sources also brings problems like γ photon scatter and more complicated radiation information process, and image processing algorithms needs improving to obtain radiation images of better quality. To solve the above-mentioned problems, this paper presents a comprehensive radiation information processing method, including correcting the photon scatter between two radiation sources, designing and implementing a radiation information processing and analyzing platform, and improving radiation image processing algorithms. This work has been applied in the system at a nuclear facility access for over two years and proved to be reliable, achieving application innovation among similar-type systems.

Key words: dual-projection, radiography, photon scatter correction, C#

摘要: 针对清华大学研制成功的60Co双投影数字辐射成像系统中两个60Co放射源之间存在γ光子散射影响的问题,本文提出一种综合的辐射信息处理方法,包括使用散射校正算法和物理隔离对两源之间的散射进行校正,对辐射图像处理算法进行改进,并设计建造了辐射信息处理和分析平台。该方法有效降低了两个放射源之间的散射影响,获得了更加清晰的辐射图像,并开发了专用的辐射信息处理平台。本工作已应用在某核设施出入口,运行两年多时间里,联调稳定可靠,实现了同类检测系统的应用创新。

关键词: 双投影, 辐射成像, 光子散射校正, C#