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The Progress and Prospect of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

WANG Miao;TONG Yongpeng   

  1. College of Physics and Energy, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen 518000, China
  • Online:2020-02-20 Published:2020-01-20



  1. 深圳大学 物理与能源学院,广东 深圳518000


Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) is a kind of radiotherapy that can selectively kill tumor cells. After being carried into the human body, the Boron (10B) compound will be selectively enriched in tumor cells, reacting with the neutron, and release α particles and 7Li particles to kill the tumor. BNCT has become a new method in the field of radiation therapy because of its targeted treatment, low toxicity and high efficiency. Since the last century, boron neutron capture therapy has emerged in various countries and gradually developed. It has been able to successfully treat glioma, melanoma and other diseases. Recently, BNCT is faced with some problems that develop innovative and efficient boron-containing drugs, establish more accurate measurement system of boron dose, and how the medical neutron sources get rid of nuclear reactors. This article will briefly summarize and explore the principles, advantages, progress and problems of BNCT.

Key words: boron-neutron capture therapy, boron compounds, tumor cells, neutron source


硼中子俘获疗法(boron neutron capture therapy, BNCT)是一种可以选择性杀伤肿瘤细胞的放射疗法,硼(10B)化合物携带剂注入人体后, 会选择性富集于肿瘤细胞,与中子发生俘获反应, 释放α粒子和7Li粒子杀死肿瘤。BNCT以靶向治疗、低毒高效等优势成为了放射治疗领域的新型手段。从上世纪开始,硼中子俘获疗法已在世界各国崭露头角并逐渐发展起来,已经能够成功治疗脑胶质瘤、黑色素瘤等多种疾病。目前,BNCT面临着如何研发创新更高效的含硼药物,建立更为精确的硼剂量测量体系,以及医用中子源如何摆脱核反应堆等问题。本文对BNCT的原理、优势、进展以及所面临的问题进行简要综述与探究。

关键词: 硼中子俘获疗法, 硼化合物, 肿瘤细胞, 中子源

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WANG Miao;TONG Yongpeng. The Progress and Prospect of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy[J]. Journal of Isotopes, 2020, 33(1): 14-26.

王淼;童永彭. 硼中子俘获治疗的进展及前景[J]. 同位素, 2020, 33(1): 14-26.

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